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The information on this page is adapted from a post that I sent to several of my email list groups -- including my Elixir Vitae list group and my Spiritual Surrender list group -- at Yahoo Groups in early January 2010, offering, in detail, some proven inner spiritual attitudes, tools and techniques for managing the old gunk -- and the inner chaos and turbulent emotions that often accompany such gunk -- that often arises very rapidly, and sometimes in a flood, from sources such as karmic memory, cellular memory, ancestral memory, and generational memory (some modern energy-based healing traditions call them by the name "dark crystals") when we start to allow greater levels of love, grace and/or life energy to enter our local body-mind; such increased levels of flow of love, grace and/or life energy are often encountered when engaging in certain inner mystical practices, or when ingesting certain exotic energy supplements or certain alchemical rejuvenation products, particularly including my experimental Elixir Vitae products each of which are available only to prescreened and qualified researchers, alchemists and/or mystics only.

This once-suppressed/repressed emergent material (aka "gunk") that I have referenced, unless managed in a mindful and loving way, can end up creating even more emotional chaos in the present time for the person as it emerges, at least until the particular bundle of old chaotic emotions (or other old stuff) has passed, and it may take anywhere from a few hours to as much as 6 months or longer for some of the larger bundles of old emotional gunk (particularly for certain types of emotions such as apathy, grief, depression, anger, rage and blame) to fully "pass through" or clear unless the person is deeply committed to recognizing, acknowledging, accepting this material, and is mindful enough and present in the Heart enough so that they do not resist it by either believing it/engaging it by attaching significance and importance to this old material.
This page will offer some in-depth information on how to manage this material, and I will also share information on specific resources, including specific inner techniques and inner tools, that will help you to manage this stuff wisely and to thus allow this material to clear much more rapidly than otherwise possible.  None of the inner techniques and tools that I will mention here will be new, and rather, all are modalities and practices that I regularly reference on some of my websites, and that I have occasionally mentioned on some of my relevant email list groups.
One of my motivations for sharing this information at this time is simply the fact that since August 2009, I have seen an ever-increasing number of folks who had been ingesting my insanely-powerful alchemical elixir vitae products exhibit an ever-greater flow of the old gunk to the point that they tend to lose perspective and to get caught up in the emerging dramas, despite all their earlier assurances that they would be able to handle the emergent material. While I realize that none of the emotional chaos charted above is my responsibility (simply because I am the creator of the alchemical elixirs), and rather, that this is a process that each of these persons willingly and knowingly initiated and undertook, I nonetheless have chosen to take steps to try to ensure that current and future users of these products have made a stronger, deeper and more sincere commitment to managing the gunky material as it emerges, and concomitantly, I want to be sure that they can demonstrate prowess in heart-centered clearing and grounding method, such as some of the Heartmath inner techniques, before I will allow them, or any newcomers, to procure any significant amounts of the Luminous Orb Sacred Water or my Elixir Vitae products.

This is Section I of my guide, wherein I will be sharing the actual methods that I suggest that you may wish to play with for greatly increased ability to easefully manage the mental and emotional gunk that arises when engaging in certain mystical inner practices and/or ingesting certain alchemical elixir vitae products. Section II, which I hope to complete by March 2010, will offer some overview on the typical course of emergence of old gunk, and some of its hallmarks, along with some notes on how to detect it and notice what is going on, versus the "old way" of getting caught up in the content of the gunk and wallowing in suffering and even more drama.

These spiritual methods and tools for handling the old gunk that I share here in this first section are the methods, tools and attitudes that I have found most powerful and most helpful across time for myself and for numerous other persons; each of them, when done properly, is based in, and rooted in, love and grace. I have, over the past 30 years, tried, or seen, or been exposed to, a far greater array of spiritual methods, tools and techniques for achieving inner peace, and some of those other spiritual methods are useful at times for certain persons, but these, that I share here on this page, seem to be the most powerful and the most universally effective for managing the old gunk that arises and allowing it to be released or transformed/transmuted most easefully and effectively, while at the same time tending to increase the flow of love, grace and life energy in the body-mind while concomitantly gradually reducing resistance in the local body-mind to love, grace and life energy. These methods that I offer are not philosophical or intellectual, and rather, they are practical pragmatic and "hands-on" inner methods and techniques.

I want to stress here that not every method may work well for every person, and some techniques will work better than others for some persons; it is really all about finding the methods that work best for you. And, all of these methods work best only if you gradually, over time, adapt them and "adopt them", and change them to make them your own, so that they work best for you, rather than necessarily performing the original method or technique verbatim, exactly as it was conveyed to you by a teacher or a book or an instructional video.

And How About these Methods for Handling Everyday Stress?
And here is the question that many are likely wondering about: Will these techniques be of use to you even if you are NOT actively engaging in mystical or alchemical techniques (such as the Luminous Orb Sacred Water or my Elixirs Vitae) that bring more love, grace and/or life energy into the body-mind, that is, methods which tend to bring lots of old gunk to the surface so that it may be recognized, accepted and released? In other words, will these techniques be of use to you if you are not into mysticism or alchemy, and if you are not into esoteric practices, and rather, if you are just a normal person living a normal mainstream life, but looking for ways to manage everyday stress and worries?

Well, the answer is that these methods, attitudes, tools and techniques will be of very great benefit to a normal person who is living a normal mainstream life (and who is not engaging in mystical, meditative or alchemical practices), because they each can, and will, lead you -- if practiced/used with commitment and sincerity -- to a place of far greater peace and equanimity, greater happiness, greater vitality and greater health. Best, if you have had problems with high blood pressure, or cardiac arrhythmias, or heart palpitations, or with anger management, or with depression, or with ulcers, or with headaches or migraines, or with back pain, numerous studies have shown that there is a very high probability that these issues will likely disappear or at least be largely ameliorated in short order when using some of these methods, particularly the first two methods (e.g., the Heartmath methods).

To put it in a different perspective, these methods, if used with commitment and sincerity, can and will drastically reduce the stress and chaos in your life, and in your body and mind, and you will feel far more peaceful, centered, and more in control of all situations. Ultimately, if you use these methods with sincerity and with commitment, your life will become more fun, more easeful, and simply more easy, and will also be more filled with grace and love and magic.

What Results Can I Expect?
What can you expect? Well, here is what one woman, a West Coast psychotherapist who had been a classmate of mine at some Heartmath trainings in the late 1990s, said to me after having completed her third Heartmath technique training at HeartMath's conference/training center in the San Jose mountains in California in 1999:

"I no longer wander in a cloud of chaos and pain, lost in past memories that caused my life to be stuck and unhappy, and that caused me to be feel very heavy, with constant never-ending anger, rage, pain, guilt, and depression. I am no longer being controlled by memories of events or things that happened hours, days, weeks, months, or years ago, such as things that people had said or done, or that they had not said or not done, or that I had said or done, or that I had not said or not done. Instead, I have now become the creator of my own life and I am now happy and at peace all the time. In contrast, two years ago, even though I was a state-licensed PhD psychotherapist seeing dozens of patients in private practice and pulling in two hundred thousand dollars a year from my large practice, I was depressed and unhappy all the time, and I was starting to experience more and more health problems as a result of that. I was also starting to hate my two business partners, and my husband, and my three kids, and my ex-husband, and my own therapist, and even our dog. Now I am at peace with all of them and feel love and appreciation for all of them."

And, for those of you who are on a mystical path, it may be of interest to you to know that an extremely large number of the people (including persons currently alive and also including deceased mystics, etc.) who score below 100 on the Spiritual Resistance scale developed by my friend/colleague Bill Sarill (and on my own version of an inner resistance scale), are persons who employ or employed (if they are deceased) one or more of the methods that I list below. In fact, a very large number of persons who score below 200 on these scales are persons who employ, or (if they are deceased) have employed, at least one of these methods.

The Methods
And here we go with my list of the methods that I most recommend. ... I will number and label each item in the menu of offerings below to allow for easy reference. I have listed the methods that I feel to be most powerful and effective first, but I would strongly recommend, if you are serious and sincere in your intent to achieve greater levels of peace, health and vitality, that you learn and practice at least two or three of these modalities (that is, modalities listed in at least two or three numbered sections below.)  Further, training in and experience with at least two of these modalities (e.g., modalities listed in at least two or three numbered sections below) is a prerequisite requirement (along with certain other prerequisite requirements) that prospective purchasers must meet in order to qualify to purchase certain of my Elixir Vitae alchemical products.

Here then, is a short list of those spiritual inner attitudes, methods, tools and techniques, with the most strongly recommended methods listed first:

1) A few Heartmath inner heart-centered tools and methods -- these are essentially quick heart-centered meditation practices. Five minutes spent just once using on some of these methods, in just one day, may yield more practical benefit than will 30 years of normal meditation done for five hours per day. All of these methods were created by, and are shared by, Heartmath. Their main commercial website may be found at Their non-profit counterpart, Heartmath Institute, also offers much of their research (that is, the science behind the Heartmath techniques) at their website. Incidentally, many of the methods bear distinct resemblance to practices found in Tibetan Buddhist Tonglen meditation and in some traditions of Ho’oponopono and in some heart-centered Sufi traditions, and this is no surprise, as heart-centered inner techniques have been the cornerstone of numerous spiritual traditions for many thousands of years.

Notice and Ease, Heart Soak and the Quick Coherence techniques:
The exact methods for each technique are described in the ebook The Power of Emotion eBooklet, listed on the catalog page at and in the Eliminating Anger e-Booklet offered on the same page.

Cut-Thru Technique:
A highlighted text box describing the Cut-Thru technique may be found at
and also at: The best ebook for learning the technique is the "Overcoming Emotional Chaos" e-Book by Doc Childre and Deborah Rozman, Ph.D. at and then there is the older print book "Cut-Thru" by Doc Lew Childre, which describes the method in great detail.

Heartmath has also published one larger overview book that offers at least some of the above techniques, plus the science behind them. The ebook form of the book is called "Transforming Stress: The HeartMath® Solution for Relieving Worry, Fatigue and Tension" by Doc Childre and Deborah Rozman, Ph.D. One Heartmath store webpage offering the book may be found at The print book equivalent of the ebook mentioned above is the book, by the same two authors, entitled "The Heartmath Solution".

At least in the early stages, these methods are all more powerful and effective if they are practiced, at times, while also using the Heartmath emWave Desktop heart coherence biofeedback tool listed in item #2 below.

2) The Heartmath emWave Desktop (previously known as emWave PC or the Freeze Framer) -- You can use any of the above methods, or even shorter and quicker methods offered in the PC-based tutorial built into the program, or the Tonglen heart-centered meditation methods (see #6 below) or the Ho’oponopono heart-centered methods (see #5 below) while using this biofeedback tool which essentially measures and reports, in real-time, your degree of heart-centered psychophysiological coherence. The emWave Desktop offer the feedback via a variety of charts, graphs, and also via various graphic games and graphic visualizer tools.

The emWave Desktop consist of an ear sensor and finger sensor (you will use either one while using the device) that attach to the USB port of your PC or Mac, along with a CD-ROM containing the software package that you will install on your PC or Mac. The emWave Desktop are sold at the Heartmath store website, and are also offered by numerous other vendors and resellers as well. The street price for either emWave Desktop package (PC or Mac) is usually in the range of about $220 to $300.

Heartmath also offers a very small and portable device, with much fewer features (it has an LED bar graph display only), called the emWave PSR (aka emWave Personal Stress Reliever), and, while it offers far fewer features than the emWave Desktop, it is very small and extremely portable. The street price for the emWave PSR is usually in the range of $149 to $230.

I personally recommend that of the two devices, the most important one by far to purchase and use is the emWave Desktop. If you do decide to purchase the small portable emWave PSR device, then I recommend that you purchase it only after having acquired the emWave Desktop, and that you use the emWave PSR only as a secondary biofeedback device, since it may be carried with you as you go about your daily life.

3) Tibetan Buddhist Tonglen meditation practice -- a heart-centered, love-centered meditative practice. There are actually many different types and flavors of Tonglen meditation offered by various Tibetan Buddhist meditation centers, traditions and teachers, but basically, Tonglen meditation involves focusing your attention on the heart and belly centers (much as is often recommended in Heartmath inner techniques as well, and also in some Ho’oponopono techniques) and generating a feeling of loving-kindness, which you then choose to share with the world, and which you send to all beings, and particularly to anyone in your life or with whom you have had conflicts or tensions, or toward whom you are angry, etc. Some forms of Tonglen also involve literally breathing in the pain and discomfort of others (drawing it in to your heart area) and then returning love and kindness to them, although that person may be located at some great distance.

There are a number of Tibetan Buddhist centers and traditions across North America which offer some degree of training in Tonglen meditation, and some choose to learn it from Pema Chodron's books, tapes and DVD videos (I am not sure if the latter have been published yet).

If you choose to play with this method, then the Heartmath emWave Desktop, listed in item #2 above, will prove to be a very valuable adjunct, as will some of the quick Heartmath inner techniques listed under item #1, and will allow you drastically and radically deepen the practice.

4) Ho’oponopono is the name given to a rather broad and extensive traditional Hawaiian system of healing and reconciliation, where traditionally, the practice was facilitated by healer priests or shamans who visited the designated "patient'" and their family at home. Nowadays, many persons and teachers in the New Age world, almost all of them Caucasian (versus native Hawaiian), have adopted certain specific practices from within the repertoire of traditional Ho’oponopono for use by individuals and continue to call it by the name Ho’oponopono. All of the most common forms adapted by New Agers and other western spiritual seekers tend to involve the meditative practice of getting centered in the heart and belly and then silently reciting the words "I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you." repeatedly to oneself and to other persons (who are usually located at a distance), particularly persons with whom the practitioner may have conflicts or toward whom they may feel anger.

I have, over the past 25 years, encountered many very similar practices within some Tibetan Buddhist Tonglen meditation systems, and also within certain traditions of Vietnamese Zen, and also within some heart-centered mystical traditions of Sufism. Much like my own personal adaptation of the Westernized Ho’oponopono technique, most of these other traditions primarily use the words "I love you. Thank you." or "I love you. Bless You. Thank you." (my own custom version uses largely the phrase: "I love. I accept. I appreciate. Thank you Thank you." or "I love you. I accept you. I appreciate you. Thank you. Thank you."

The reason that most of these traditions (and my own adapted version as well) tend to drop the terms "I'm sorry." and "Please forgive me." from the phrase used in Ho’oponopono is simply that once the heart has been somewhat opened and once we have let go of at least some of the old gunk of the local body-mind, we realize that forgiveness is an ego-centric construct, that is, a false construct created by the local mind, and we also realize that the important thing is to "exercise"' the heart and mind by consciously sending love and care and thanks to whomever it is that one is focusing on. In Ho’oponopono and in many of the similar methods from Tibetan Buddhism and from Sufism, one can also choose to send love and thanks to all of creation, and to all beings.

There are a great number of systems and teachers in the Western world all claiming to offer instruction in Ho’oponopono (indeed, some of them claim to have copyrighted the term "Ho’oponopono" as well, so it all gets a bit confusing at times) and there is some degree of variance across systems/traditions as to quality and clarity. If you wish to try practicing Ho’oponopono, I suggest that you use a search engine such as Google to do a general search on the term, and then pick one of the books, CDs, DVDS, or even a live course, that most appeals to you, and then play with that practice.

If you choose to play with this method, then the Heartmath emWave Desktop, listed in item #2 above, will prove to be a very valuable adjunct, as will some of the quick Heartmath inner techniques listed under item #1, and use of these Heartmath tools will enable you to drastically and radically deepen the practice.

5) Byrons Katie's The Work system -- Byron Katies' The Work system involves answering five or six questions, on paper, about what bothers you about a person or a situation in life that is bothering you, and then looking at a list of "the four questions" and then answering those questions (usually on a piece of paper, or by relating your answer to your Work partner) about the same person or thing in the world that is bothering you, and then turning the questions around to gain insight into your own projections and other inner gunk, and then finally, embracing reality and being willing to be at peace with it. The best summary of the steps of her system may be found at and a basic introduction to The Work may be found on the home page of that site, at

While I appreciate the general theme of this practice, and the general message it conveys, and the fact that it provides great insight into our projections and our major bundles of inner gunk/memories, I personally tend to find this practice way too wordy and too "mental" (that is, focused in the head) and thus I personally almost never use it myself. If you do choose to use this system as a tool, then I strongly recommend also using one of the heart-centered methods listed here as well, preferably the Heartmath work, or at least Tonglen meditation or the Ho’oponopono work.

And, if you choose to play with this method, then the Heartmath emWave Desktop, listed in item #2 above, will prove to be a very valuable adjunct, as will some of the quick Heartmath inner techniques listed under item #1, and these will allow you to drastically and radically deepen the practice.

6) One of the "releasing and letting go" systems, such as the Release Technique ( or the Sedona Method ( that re-package and market the "releasing" part of what American spiritual teacher Lester Levenson taught. Basically, these systems teach you (or remind you) of a number of ways of letting go of what is bothering you and instead become more peaceful and more happy. These systems are, in my opinion, somewhat useful alone, and are even far more useful if used in conjunction with one of the heart-centered systems that I have listed here (i.e., Heartmath, Ho’oponopono, Buddhist Tonglen practice.)

Both systems offer a myriad of basic courses (both in book/CD form and via live courses) and advanced courses, and it is, in my opinion, rather easy to get overwhelmed, over-involved and lost in these systems if you allow yourself to get distracted by all the offerings. If you should choose to explore either system, I would suggest that you keep it simple. What I would most recommend is simply buying and using the basic book/CD course from Release Technique called The Release Technique, or the basic book/CD course from The Sedona Method from the Sedona Method. And then, if you like the work and the way it feels, the next step would be to take the same course as a live course -- both organizations offer live courses across the US, and at times, across the world. The live course will offer you insights and learnings that you simply cannot get from the books/CD sets or the DVD packages.

CAUTION: If you choose to pursue either method, I feel that it is important to do the releasing only from the heart and belly, that is, while focused on the feelings and sensations in your heart and belly, rather than as a purely mental exercise, and I also strongly recommend that you also use one of the heart-centered methods (such as Heartmath methods, or Tibetan Buddhist Tonglen practice, or some variety of Ho’oponopono practice) in your life as well. Lastly, if you decide to explore either of these releasing/letting go methods that I have listed in this section, I would advise largely ignoring the relentless advertising campaigns sometimes initiated by some of these companies, which urge you to move on to buying multiple advanced courses, aka "graduate courses", as it is my observation and opinion that it can all turn into just a frantic, and expensive, game!

7) Spiritual surrender of one's entire life and everything in it, including all wants and needs, to Divinity, that is, to Holy Spirit, Supreme Heart and Sacred Heart. There is at least some degree of spiritual surrender inherent in many of the above-listed methods, particularly #1, #3, #4, #5 and #6, even if only implicit. Here, in this section, we are now talking about explicit and complete spiritual surrender. The only reason that I have listed spiritual surrender last on my list, as #7 on the list, rather than first (that is, as #1) is because many people would find the explicit idea of spiritual surrender to be too radical, too drastic, and too weird, and totally unappealing. In any case, spiritual surrender also includes use of any and all of the systems listed here (above), as well, as appropriate.


Question and Answer Section (Q&A)

Q. Vinny, I am a mystic and an alchemist of long standing, and I have been using your Luminous Orb Sacred Water and also taking small amounts of your Vegetable Kingdom Minor Elixir Vitae #1 and your Vegetable Kingdom Major Elixir Vitae #2. I have, of course, met all of the pre-screening requirements that you have posed for prospective users of these products. As I use these alchemical products, I have been seeing larger and larger amounts of old depression, anger, rage and blame emerge. Although I expected this to some extent, I must confess that I am utterly amazed at the volume and intensity of this old material coming to light – it is orders of magnitude greater than I have ever seen with ormus (aka ormes or monatomic) products or with other alchemy products, or with acupuncture or energy bodywork such as Rolfing. What can you tell me about this stuff that is emerging?

A. Yes, it is not surprising that this material arose, and, of course, this is just a bit of the store of old suppressed or repressed and largely-forgotten / largely-unconscious feelings, programs, tendencies and recordings stored in all the tissues of the body, and particularly around the heart center, the solar plexus center, the belly (hara) center and the root chakra in the vicinity of the base of the spine and the perineum. Some energy healing traditions have referenced this old stuff as "dark crystals"; Carl Jung referred to this stuff as the "collective unconscious".

And yes, my Elixir Vitae products will often tend to allow massive amounts of this old gunk to surface. You see, as you ingest these elixirs and as you start to focus more and more on the heart center and the surrounding centers within the trunk of the body, and as you allow more love and life energy to permeate these areas of the "dense body", then chunks and bundles of this old buried long-dormant material -- a good part of it dating back to before your current lifetime, coming from ancestral and generational sources and from so-called "past lives", and often called karma or by the name "cellular memories" -- will start to arise to the surface. Although only small bits and pieces of this old material arises in the early stages of the renewed current of love, grace and life energy, more and more will start to surface as the flow of love and grace continues, and concomitantly, the chunks will grow larger and larger in size and in intensity.

As this old repressed or suppressed buried material surfaces, while some of it will clear and dissipate (actually, it tends to cohere and shift and correct back into love and grace) on its own, we can facilitate the process greatly by choosing to deal with this emergent material -- whether it takes the form, at the moment, of feelings, or sensations, or tendencies, or longings, or memories -- in a conscious, mindful and loving manner. If we choose to do so, then the material will pass more quickly, there will be far less suffering as it emerges (and rather, only temporary and transient pain), and we will be far more at peace during the process as it unfolds.

Q. As far as I remember when reading your posts and correct me if I am wrong, you mentioned one option would be to surrender whatever feelings come up to Supreme Heart and Holy Spirit.

A. Yes, I often recommend accepting utterly anything that emerges and then immediately surrendering it to Supreme Heart (aka Sacred Heart) and Holy Spirit, that is, letting go of all attachments, ownership and resistance to the material, and recognizing that it is not ours and that it is not even real, or more accurately, that it arose from incorrect beliefs and incorrect perceptions. This is about being willing to be Present, in love and grace, with whatever is emerging, and this is always the highest option, the one that is most loving, the one that is most filled with grace, the one that is most easeful and peaceful, and the one that will produce the least drama and pathos in your life (and the lives of those around you with whom you are in frequent contact) as the old gunk surfaces!

Q. If I understand correctly, the idea is not to find a way to eliminate the emotions or try to find a way to get rid of them, but to accept them and allow them and then they kind of resolve, move on or dissolve.

A. Exactly! To try to eliminate these old packets and bundles, or to get rid of them, or to try, once again, to bury them, repress them or suppress them, is, frankly, counter-productive, and will lead to further suffering, further drama, and more dis-ease and unease, that is, lack of inner peace.

Q. So the trick is simply to surrender and allow these feelings to be present, without acting on them, and see what happens next?

A. Yes, and to be willing to allow the material to simply be present in the heart, solar plexus and belly centers, to welcome it and accept it, and to be willing to be Present (I used caps to indicate Divine Presence, through the Heart and the two centers immediately below it) with it. Of course, this requires a large degree of consciousness, mindfulness and emotional self-management, as the local mind will, in all such cases when the old material surfaces, either want to once again suppress or repress this material (in other words, to resist it) or will want to take it seriously and to thusly "hop on the train" of the emerging "negative" emotions. Rather, what I am suggesting, and what mystics throughout time have suggested, is to simply notice, accept and welcome the material into the heart center and surrounding centers, and to be willing to be Present with it. And as soon as we are able to do that, then the material starts to shift and dissolve and ultimately disintegrates / transmutes into coherent energy, coherent love, coherent grace, and peace.

In some cases, for small bundles or packets of old material, this clearing process may take only a few seconds or a few minutes. In other cases, as the flow of packets of old gunk becomes greater, as the frequency of emergence of the old packets increases, and as the size of the packets and bundles of old material increases, the process may require great patience and great mindfulness, and also great courage, as the painful material may take anywhere from a few hours to as long as a few days to be transmuted and cohered into energy, love and grace and perfection, and there may be a certain degree of pain and discomfort present until that happens. Strangely enough, the increased time required for the clearance of these larger bundles is not directly due to their size (e.g., their mass or volume), but rather due to the fact that we (and our ancestors, and all incarnate beings) have, over the eons, attached far more significance and far more importance to the content of these bundles, and thus our resistance to these bundles or packet (and the contents thereof) is far higher.

Q. Does this mean that if one feels emotional pain... to surrender it... and even if it doesn't go away immediately to simply sit with that emotion without judging it and without acting on it (i.e., in anger or rage…)?

A. Yes, and this is true of all of what Lester Levenson called the old AGFLAP material (e.g., material involving emergence of feelings/tendencies such as apathy, grief, depression, fear, lusting/greed/desire, anger, rage, blame, and pride); all we are asked to do is to be Present with it, that is to acknowledge it, to accept it, to welcome it, and to simply Be Present with it. Please note that this does NOT involve any of the following, all of which human nature tends to want to do in such circumstances:

  • trying to figure it all out
  • trying to argue with the old material or feelings
  • trying to fix it
  • trying to "process it" (as is so common in psychotherapy circles and many New Age circles)
  • trying to once again suppress it or resist it
  • trying to make it go away by abusing "releasing" techniques such as some of those taught by the Sedona Method, Release Technique and a dozen other "releasing" systems.

Rather, the answer is simply love and grace and acceptance, to remain centered in Heart and belly and to be willing to be Present. Nothing more and nothing less. And, when our inner resistance arises in the face of these packets and bundles of old painful material, as it surely will, once again, our only job is to be willing to notice and accept and acknowledge that resistance, to love it, and to be Present with it too.

One interesting side effect of all this process, if we can manage to do it, is that not only do we manage to release and return to love, grace, Divinity and coherence lots of old gunk, but also our inner resistance (e.g., to life, to experience, to love, to life energy, to grace, to ease, to coherence) gradually lowers as well and we become more open, more loving, more graceful and more at peace.

Q. This is what I was trying do with the feelings that arose... I told myself during this event that this emotion is not really me... don't judge it... then I asked myself... Who am I really?

A. Yes, we are asked to be Present with the bundles of old material, but to not believe the encapsulated myths regarding ownership, personalization or identification, and we are asked to gradually release all those old myths that attached much significance and importance, and ownership, to such material.

And, much as you have referenced, it can, at times, help to return often to asking "Who am I", or (as I prefer) to simply center in the Heart and say "I Am, I Am Presence, I Am Present. I Love. I accept. Thank you."

Q. When I look at many other systems the emphasis is on quickly getting rid of the emotion rather than simply being in peace with it, this is, in fact, my conception of the release technique methods...

A. Yes, your perception is largely correct. What you have described (and what I had also earlier referenced above) is one of the most commonly-occurring abuses and abominations of so-called "releasing" systems such as Release Technique, Sedona Method and the dozen other releasing systems; please note that there is nothing wrong with these systems in and of themselves, and, in fact, there is great value to either of these kissing-cousin systems, but it has been my observation that many persons end up misusing and abusing the methods taught in these systems. The reason why this abuse/misuse of those systems and techniques is so commonplace is because it is a fundamental tendency of human nature, of the inherited collective unconscious, to want to try to resist such material, to make it go away, to want to control it. Of course, once we give in to such desires to get rid of the material, then we have once again lost perspective and mindfulness and we have once again turned over control of our lives to the local mind (aka the limited mind or the superficial mind, aka the ego), and we are no longer operating from the Wisdom which comes through the Heart and the surrounding centers.

Q. I know its not easy when a challenging emotion comes up, but maybe the best way is simply to surrender and not necessarily try to eliminate it right away?

A. Exactly! Of course, there will always be some old material, particularly in the form of erroneous beliefs, erroneous assumptions, and simple tendencies, that are so simple and so "light" (versus massive or "heavy") that they can be recognized, accepted and released in one or two seconds, and for such simple myths and erroneous beliefs, it is perfectly fine to simply be willing to release them and to surrender them to Supreme Heart for handling, and the whole thing, in such cases, may pass within a second or two, or less.

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